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About Us - Best Marcasite Jewelry

About Us – Best Marcasite Jewelry Today we see that most bloggers aren’t counting on cashing on their written content and banners look like they are largely ignored by visitors. Some bloggers have started to sell their own jewelry line, have a click-through kind of e-commerce business model. Others promote in more obvious ways brands and designers alike and have invested heavily in gaining as many followers on Instagram.

About Us – Best Marcasite Jewelry

Bloggers have been investing lots of time, effort and endless passion into promoting jewelry to either the industry or the public, without getting always the recognition for their influence. But times are always changing and many have developed their writing into a business model of some sort. I think that bloggers and so-called influencers are becoming more and more entrepreneurs and it’s a good thing that the industry starts to treat them that way. wholesale jewelry

I work differently. My focus is on both the industry as the public. But the money I earn is almost always related. I earn money with the occasional sponsored blog, only promoting those I truly endorse (I know everyone says this, but although it may have harmed my wallet several times, I turned down more than I accepted, thinking always and only about my long term reputation) I earn income with my writing for mainly international trade magazines. I take care of some brand’s social media content and I do consultancy.