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Silver Earring Welcome to the second part of  ‘Popular baby names, their origins and some cool fact behind them’. In this series, we explore the popular baby names and anything related to it. Enjoy reading!


The uncommon names for children

  Some names, however, are not usually chosen by parents in recent years. In the last positions of the list of 104 names counted by the INE are Mauro, Omar, Iram, Enrique, Teo, Axel, Joan, Joah, Neizan, Amir, and Matías. Names that have ceased to be fashionable and are rarely chosen by parents in our country.

  Some parents prefer to opt for a family tradition and choose names that are no longer heard as Anselmo, Teodoro, Rogelio, Segismundo, or Valentín. Names that have been lost over the years have ceased to be chosen for Spanish children.

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The names were chosen by the communities

  If you look at the names by communities, Lucia is the name that the new parents chose most in 2018 in Cantabria, Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla y León, Aragón, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, while Hugo was in Castilla- La Mancha and Murcia.

 On the other hand, Sofia was the most chosen name in Galicia, Asturias, Valencian Community, and the Balearic Islands; and Martina was in the Canary Islands. Lucas triumphed among the Valencian and Canarian parents while Martín was the favorite among those of Cantabria and Aragon.

  Other preferred names in other communities are María (Andalucía and Murcia), Carmen (Extremadura), Alba (La Rioja), Julia (Catalonia) and Ane (Basque Country).

 For the men, Mateo (Madrid, Galicia, Castilla y León, and La Rioja), Markel (Basque Country), Ibai (Navarra), Marc (Catalonia and Balearic Islands) and Manuel (Extremadura and Andalusia) were chosen. In Ceuta, they opted for Yasmin and Mohamed, and in Melilla, they chose Amira for girls and Adam and Mohamed for boys.

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The best baby gifts you can buy

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For many of us, the arrival of summer or vacations was the preparation of posting good photos to make our friends jealous (all this including the mythical disposable cameras, which surely more than one has ever used in his young years to go camping or to go out to party and capture unforgettable situations). During this period we are always choosing a limited selection of photos of the best (or worst) moments of any special occasion.  

  Because it is true that, until the end, we never really knew what images were going to end up looking good (and, much less, how we had left) Even so, we even worked one album per year or season that we continue to keep with great love (and teaching which is gone) in some corner of our house!

   Nowadays, with the great digital revolution, we now have digital cameras with an endless memory card in which we can save millions of images on each trip. So we can, of course, repeating each snapshot again and again until we find the pose capable of meeting all our expectations. Because we can delete all the photos that we don’t like water, right?

   The point is that, whatever the type of photo you like or the circumstances require, there are a series of tricks and infallible tips to go well in all your snapshots. As we know that not all of us have the proficiency of being an experienced and successful model in these needs, we want to offer you the keys to achieve the perfect pose on each occasion.

Adopt a good posture: fundamental key


An essential mantra with which your mother insisted on adolescence time: straight your back! Therefore, take this advice and, for your full-length photos, stretch a lot, put your shoulders back and pull your ass. For your close-ups and selfies, and to avoid a free double chin, do the opposite of what we tend to do, which is nothing but raising your chin. If you really want to avoid the dreaded “bread face,” ต่างหูเงินแท้ lower your chin and bow your head a little. But remember not to overdo it with any of these positions so that it does not give the feeling that you are being forced.


 Do not look in front of the camera


   We must avoid at all costs taking pictures completely in front of us since this type of pose usually shows very unflattering results. The best option is to tip your head a little, avoiding staring at the camera, so that we will be able to highlight the features of our face and, therefore, we will be much more favored in our photos. 


Wear some good silver earrings to enhance your selfies


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