Tips to consider before getting yourself a diamond


Diamonds have been incorporated into fine jewelry sets for years and are valued today, particularly in our most coveted kind of jewelry – the wedding ring. This precious item is costly, and there are several things to look oAut for before purchasing any diamond jewelry. Below are some things to take note of before getting a diamond.

Tips to consider before getting yourself a diamond

Compromise Carefully

It isn’t a new thing that diamonds are costly—irrespective of this, and new buyers usually realize that these gems are more expensive than they initially thought. So, before you purchased a diamond, Wholesale Jewelry, assess your finances and plan a budget. After that, check-up diamond prices to know whether they are within your means. If you end up super shocked, you may choose to compromise on the type of diamond you would have loved.
Yet, doing this does not simply mean you go on to purchase a bargain-valued diamond.

In reality, there are no excellent bargains in diamonds. You will get fair deals, but if it appears that the piece is valued less than others, there must be a purpose for that.
You’ll find a higher valued diamond if you go for a lesser carat weight than when you get one that appears like a “good deal” when evaluated with other diamonds having that exact weight. Regardless, you will find the ring of your dreams if you choose to consider other options according to stone size rather than quality. a diamond

Cut Quality is Crucial When Acquiring a Diamond Piece

 a diamond

A diamond should feature a grading report from a certified lab such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). It will contain so many details, but the best means of examining a stone’s quality is by considering the Four Cs: cut, clarity, color, & carat. Of no doubt, you still have to inspect the gem very well, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, but these grades will be the early signs of the diamond’s quality. a diamond

For this precious metal, the most essential of the Four Cs is the cut. A properly-cut diamond will render color & clarity irregularities less noticeable. As a well-cut diamond appears brighter, it is also the looks more significant than its carat weight. So, anytime you want to buy diamond shopping, make your grades for cut quality high.

The four Cs for Diamond

 a diamond


Only a large number of diamonds are colorless. Others are available in different shades of yellow & brown. Once this gem is mine, it is ship to a laboratory where gemologists grade its color on a scale that starts from D (no color) and ends with Z (mild yellow). Colorless diamonds have high value and are thus the most expensive. We often recommend that you go for gems between grade D and me at most. a diamond


Gemologists evaluate a diamond’s bulkiness in metric carats. Each carat sums up to 200 mg or 0.2 grams. Each carat can be further divided into 100 “points,” with every point equal to one-hundredth of a carat. It makes way for very accurate measurements to the hundredth decimal figure. A vast majority of diamonds you’ll find when you visit a store to buy one will have weights outlined in a fraction of carats. Still, Jewelry manufacturer, you may spot an additional tiny diamond with weight tabulated in points.


As these gems are produced below the earth’s crust, they gain other inclusions and surface blemishes. Clarity means the type, number, and position of these irregularities. Diamond clarity is reviewed on a scale that starts with Loupe Clean (LC) and on to Piqué 3 (P3).


Cut points to every small angle and facet driven into the gem to improve its ability to reflect light. A vaguely cut diamond is lifeless and blurry. While those with high-quality angles and facets interlay properly with light to give: Brightness is considered the reflection of white light; Fire is the reflection of light in every color of the rainbow, and Scintillation/Sparkles is created by light & dark patterns in the gem. The cut grade is categorized into three parameters: Proportions, Symmetry, and Polish. All parameters are evaluated on their own based on varying quality grades: Excellent (EX), Very Good (VG), Good (G), or Fair (F). a diamond


Diamonds exist in many shapes. The precise round cut is the most available and highly valued diamond shape. Round diamonds are well prized, as they possess the most brilliance. Other diamond shapes are known as fancy shapes. Like the pear, heart, and marquise, a few of them are just improvements of the precise round cut, while the rectangular or shapes, even the Asscher, are step cuts. Every fancy-shaped diamond features different degrees of Fire & scintillation.


A tiny fraction, about 25-30%, of diamonds produce a faint blue glow when they are put under the sun’s Ultraviolet rays. Though a diamond‘s fluorescence is hard to spot with our ordinary eyes, in some cases, an extreme amount of fluorescence renders the diamond hazy. Review its lab report if you’d like to know the amount of fluorescence a particular diamond possesses. Gem labs grade diamonds with nil, slight, medium, or strong (based on the HRD Antwerp gem lab). At Beldiamond, we often suggest that people avoid fluorescence in its entirety.

Select the store

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To confirm that what you receive is the item you paid for, it is most advisable that you buy their diamonds from reputable dealers of gemstone jewelry. As the online purchase of diamonds is possible, see first if they are genuine dealers.

Evaluate the Ring Style

Anytime people go shopping for wedding rings, the majority are more concerned about center diamonds than any other part of the ring. No customer will deny that the diamond is not valuable, but owning the type of ring that suits your style and identity creates a massive difference in how you feel about your ring. The ring will also transform your diamond’s appearance.

Right from the setting to metal color — yellow, rose, or white — plays a role. So, be patient enough to evaluate the type of setting you like: intricate, plain, or just a middle course. The vast majority prefer the appearance of a band designed with diamonds; Others love a standard halo setting. Traditionalists and minimalists may choose a solitaire setting. A few others may pick a design that has more sparkle.

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