Things Manufacturer won’t tell you about Custom Jewelry


What is custom jewelry? Custom jewelry is a type of jewelry that is designed according to the directions of a particular person whom it’s meant for. It’s jewelry that is specifically designed according to individual taste and not mass-produced. about Custom Jewelry.

Artisans and designers usually work hand in hand with customers to ensure that their desires are achieved. Rings are one of the most commonly made custom jewelry. People want specific designs of rings to reflect special moments of their lives: marriages, and engagements. Wholesale Jewelry.

Customized jewelry is also used for gifting purposes. The receiver’s name could be carved into the jewelry or so. When you’re in the market for custom jewelry, you need a manufacturer you can trust, is effective and timely.

However, it would be best if you still kept your eyes open when buying and eventually using custom jewelry. Manufacturers are not likely to tell you all that’s to be known. So read on to know those things that your manufacturer would probably not tell you about custom jewelry. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

Things Manufacturer won’t tell you about Custom Jewelry

about Custom Jewelry

If The Price Sounds Too Good To Be True, it probably is. There are times when the discount rates sound too good to be true. If you hear about diamonds, rubies, or other materials sold with a discount of 70 or 80% by a manufacturer, and you think it’s too good to be true, you’re most certainly correct. Jewelry manufacturer.

Custom Jewelry. Such sell would leave any decent manufacturer with little profit. And respectable manufacturers know this, which is why you should be wary when the price is just too low as when it’s too high. You could be buying a fake! To avoid this, find a jeweler with average prices who renders fantastic services. Custom Jewelry

Look At That Silver Again!

If you are out looking for sterling silver, it’s most certainly stamped as.925, as in it consists of at least 92.5% pure silver mixed in an alloy. If it’s not stamped .925, it is most likely that it is not. Check out for “star” stamped if you don’t see .925.

If you are still doubtful, rub a soft cloth over it; if the fabric gets black dots, then it is the real deal. This is because original silver oxidizes in the open air. Look out for manufacturers who would try to pass of lain silver as sterling silver. about Custom Jewelry.

Just because It is blue like a deep-sea Doesn’t MEAN it Is Sapphire. Custom Jewelry. Are you in the market for sapphires, and the only idea you have is that Sapphires are supposed to be blue? Well, you would have to be more specific. about Custom Jewelry.

about Custom Jewelry

Sapphire is not the only blue precious stone. There are blue topaz, spinel, tanzanite. These are cheaper than sapphires. Also, sapphires are just blue but come in other colors: pink, orange and green. Custom Jewelry.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “How am I going to know Sapphire when I see it?” Simple, run tests. Sapphire is a tough gem. Diamonds are the only gems harder than sapphires. Custom Jewelry . about Custom Jewelry.

If you see something that looks like a Sapphire but is scratched or, worse, cracked, it’s most probably fake. If running your key across it leaves scratch marks, it’s probably fake. Custom Jewelry. about Custom Jewelry.

Don’t let that jeweler talk you into it.

If you want to tell between natural sapphires and laboratory sapphires, use a magnifying class. Search for impurities within the stone. Natural gems during formation trap in foreign particles, unlike those made in laboratories under high purity. Custom Jewelry

You Can Clean That DIAMOND Ring Yourself

While most manufacturers offer regular jewelry cleaning services, there’s nothing wrong with you doing it yourself if you want to save cost.  about Custom Jewelry.

All you got to do is soak it regularly in warm water, use a mild detergent, liquid-based. Brush off dirt between the spaces. In addition to that, you can take it to your manufacturer once in a while for ultrasonic and steam cleaning. Custom Jewelry

about Custom Jewelry

Most Coloured Gemstones Are Treated. Don’t Anybody Tell You Otherwise?

That shiny gem you want to buy is probably treated: emerald, ruby, or Sapphire. The way the shine now wasn’t the way they were when they were freshly mined. They are treated with heat. about Custom Jewelry.

While this is a generally accepted trade practice as it enhances the gemstones, don’t believe the manufacturer who tries to give you a gem at a higher price for being untreated. There is a difference between Old marcasite and new marcasite. Custom Jewelry

What’s the difference between Old marcasite and new marcasite?

Marcasite is a semi-precious stone bearing a resemblance to pyrite(Fools Gold) but is, however, paler. For centuries, marcasite has been the obsession of humans everywhere.

They became more popular in the Victorian era. Old marcasite is quite popular among collectors as a vintage. Custom Jewelry. about Custom Jewelry.

When you’re out looking for vintage marcasite pieces lookout for clues as such:

Things Manufacturer won’t tell you about Custom Jewelry
If the marcasite you are buying is stamped GERMANY, there’s a good chance it is vintage. Germany was the biggest producer of marcasite before World War Two.

Valuable items for export were hallmarked GERMANY. When you are buying Marcasite jewelry, make sure it is hallmarked. Germany was the largest producer of Marcasite jewelry before the II world war. about Custom Jewelry.

about Custom Jewelry

Jewelry pieces were stamped GERMANY for export purposes. Custom Jewelry. If it’s handmade rather than caste, it is probably older and of higher quality. The setting of the Marcasite gives a clue of its age. about Custom Jewelry.

Modern pieces are often glued in by the use of a magnifier. Old marcasite was set by curving a foundational material over the edge of the piece, fixing it in. If it’s glued in, it’s considered inferior. Custom Jewelry


If you come across the word ” Laser” or “Laser path” on your diamond certification, it means your diamond has been treated with lasers. It’s a laser-drilled diamond. This enhances their clarity to make it appealing but makes the diamond more fragile due to a conditioned center

Dirt can enter through this. It is no problem if you want to go ahead and buy it, but bear in mind that it shouldn’t cost as much as untreated diamonds. Custom Jewelry. about Custom Jewelry.

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