What are the best jewelry brands in India?


Looking for the best jewelry brands in India? It’s not that simple. India is a country that is rich in culture and dialects with multiple traditions that each have their style. It’s hard to keep up with their traditions along with everything that comes with them. However, you do have the benefit of enjoying them within the limit. best jewelry.

What are the best jewelry brands in India?

This goes for jewelry as well. Many places in India make all kinds of jewelry, many of which aren’t part of your culture. You can always explore and adopt others without disrespecting their traditions. The country isn’t short on jewelry brands which is why you need to be careful when you shop. best jewelry.

They will expand your shopping experience by a lot, providing you with the best of everything. You don’t have to worry about the quality as it’s top-notch. Every brand mentioned below provides the perfect amount of jewelry for you.
Learn about all these exceptional brands and enjoy their products on your next visit!

Malabar gold and diamonds:


This is a highly popular jewelry brand in India. Gold is one of the most famous jewelry materials in the world but is highly popular in desi culture. If you love gold jewelry and want some for yourself, visit the southern state of Kerala. There you’ll find unique and valuable gold jewels that are rarely found anywhere else. best jewelry. brands.

If that’s not possible, you can always rely on Malabar gold and diamonds to provide you with the best. Their jewelry is extremely wonderful to have and comes with many designs that are highly versatile as well.best jewelry. brands.

From simple gold bangles and earrings to studded and sparkly gold jewelry, you’ll find something with your taste. It’s one of the most lovely jewelry anyone has ever had the pleasure of having and will readily be provided to you with certainty. The jewelry brand in India can be trusted to provide you with the best quality jewelry.

You’ll even find jewelry catering to all classes so if you can’t afford luxury jewelry, Malabar has your back. They also have a diamond jewelry collection that you’ll love to be a part of. Not only this, but they also have silver jewelry with sequins engraved over the material to enhance its overall beauty. best jewelry. brands.

Make sure to take things slow, meaning you should take your time before you get on with your shopping. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed in the least.best jewelry.


The first thing that comes to mind when we think of jewelry brands in India, is Tanishq. Without a doubt, it is the best jewelry brand anyone can ever have for themselves. Tanishq is owned by Titan which is also owned by the Tata group. The jewelry is exceptional and has scaled high into the Indian jewelry world.

Their marketing and promotion strategies have been amazing which has led to their success. They’ve collaborated with many Bollywood celebrities which in turn has increased their sales as well. It is mostly famous for its diamond jewelry which is made with extremely high quality. best jewelry.

You can find its designs to be quite lovely and magnificent as well. They also have gold jewelry which is found to be in its purest form. You can rely on this brand to provide you with the most perfect jewelry of all. best jewelry.

This way you’ll never have to worry about getting ripped off by them. Their jewelry has great finishing and is always found to be in its most appealing state ever. Even if you wear the jewelry a hundred times, it won’t wear off.

Kalyan Jewelers:


With 100 shops across India, Kalyan Jewellers is the country’s largest jewelry retailer. Kalyan Sarees, Kalyan Collections, Kalyan Silks, and Kalyan Developers are all part of the company, which is based in Thrissur, Kerala. This jewelry brand in India has every kind of jewelry, made solely for you so you can have the time of your life.

The jewelry is extremely lovely and comes in all different styles that you’ll go gaga over. They have high-quality diamond and gold jewelry of every kind and are considered quite a big deal in India. They won’t disappoint you with their material so you can sit back and enjoy the ride that is these beautiful pieces. best jewelry.

Subh Jewelers

This is another popular jewelry brand in India which is the 7th largest business in revenue which is admirable. The brand was formed in 2013 which is just a measly nine years. Getting such a result in a short period is extremely impressive. They are slowly but surely extending their business towards the entire world.

You can expect the brand to go places with such high revenue. This provides us with a lot to expect from it and we’re confident you won’t be let down either. There is a lot of variety in their stores which is always wonderful to see. All of the items from jhumkas to bangles are exceptional to look at. You’ll immediately be in love with their work as we know from experience. best jewelry. brands.

Joyalukkas jewelry


Joyalukkas is a well-known Indian jewelry company established in Thrissur, Kerala, with 140 showrooms around the world. Joyalukkas Jewellery Stores has a large selection of jewelry and designs, making it one of India’s greatest jewelry buying destinations. You always visit these places and get the taste of the most refined jewelry of all time. They are made to give you the complete experience of jewelry buying.


The one thing that’s noticeable and highly common in all jewelry brands in India mentioned above is their origins. They are mostly established in southern India which is the part of India extremely rich in culture. All the jewelry now being sold all over the world is inspired by these parts as they represent India as a whole.

You can always get this outlook from other establishments as well. The intricate design of jewelry reflects the overall abundance of beauty within these boundaries. All the brands make high-quality jewelry at reasonable prices. best jewelry.

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