5 Best Ways To Keep Your Sterling Silver Rings Looking New And Clean


Clean sterling silver ring Looking New And Clean

clean sterling silver ring Are you sitting in front of your vanity? Do you have your jewelry box open in front of you? All your various bits and bobbles. Something for your hair, your necks, and your ears but most of all your hands, all the pretty things you use to adorn you. wholesale jewelry, However, your eyes suddenly lose their shine; you hold your sterling ring in your hand. And you wonder what happened to your previously clean sterling silver ring?

The one that you bought so painstakingly, the one that cost you quite a pretty penny, it’s all rusted and looks so old now. It’s sad and its time you do something about it.

5 Ways To Clean Your Sterling Silver Ring That Are Easy To Do

Cleaning Sterling silver rings seem like a difficult business for most of us. But what we don’t realize is that it is actually quite easy. Here are a few simple steps, wholesale silver jewelry, which will help you keep your sterling silver rings looking new and clean. Just read up and you will not have to feel sad while looking at your rings.


  • Take It To The Professional


clean sterling silver ring The best thing to do for keeping your sterling silver ring clean is to take it the people who know what to do. In any scenario where you are being faced with something to do, it is always best to ask for help or advice from the professional. clean sterling silver, In this case, jewelry manufacturer, the takes your sterling silver ring to be cleaned by a jeweler. clean sterling silver ring Not just any jeweler, mind you! But someone who knows what they are doing. The professionals will know exactly what to

do and soon enough you will have your sterling silver ring back in your possession looking shiny and bright.


  • Wear Them More Often


Clean sterling silver ring All jewelry stays fresh and less old-looking when it is worn often. If you want to increase the life of something and get back your money’s worth then do yourself a

favor and use it as much as possible. The same is said for sterling silver rings. You will find that your sterling silver ring will look cleaner, rust-free, and hearty when you are wearing it every day. If you keep it locked in a jewelry box and not take it for months on end, you will find that your ring has become old, dusty, and not at all like the perfect piece of jewelry that you had originally bought. 


  • Keep It In A Ziplock Bag


If you have kept your silver ring, right along with all your other jewelry then you have made a grave mistake, a mistake that you should rectify right now. Clean sterling silver ring Go, open your jewelry box, take out a zip lock bag, and transfer all of your sterling silver jewelry inside the zip lock bag. Silver always rusts and erodes faster, when placed with other unworthy metals. silver ring wholesale It is better to keep it separated like the prodigal child it is. clean sterling silver ring If you already knew this little piece of information and have safely kept your clean sterling silver ring in a zip lock bag, then good job! If you have not done this, then I suggest you do so now.



  • Use A Cleanser


Keeping your clean sterling silver ring is an important job but no matter how much you might want to, you cannot always take it to the professionals. So in this case, what you can do is go out and buy a sterling silver cleaner. Go to the right brand, ask for advice on which cleaner will work best, and then buy it. Once you have the cleanser in your possession just follow the instructions written on the bottle.

 You can make cleaning your sterling silver rings into a ritual. A ritual that occurs once a month. This way your rings will remain clean and you can wear them without feeling like buying something new. 


  • Wipe It With A Non-Abrasive Cloth


Last but not least in our list of the best possible ways to keep your sterling silver ring looking new and clean is to wipe it. If you do not already have one, it is my advice that you go out and buy a non-abrasive cloth. This cloth is important. It will help you with your monthly cleaning ritual and also save you money is going to the professional. The non-abrasive cloth will help you keep the integrity of the sterling silver. All you have to do is use the cloth to wipe it thoroughly after every time you wear it. The non-abrasive cloth will make sure that all excess debris wiped away and nothing harmful is left behind on the ring itself.


So These Were Our Top Ideas…

These were our top best ideas to help you keep your sterling silver clean and new. From using a non-abrasive cloth, a cleanser, keeping it in a zip lock bag, wearing it regularly, and taking it to the professional, you have the best advice right here. clean sterling silver ring If you follow and use even any one of these tips then your sterling silver will be absolutely fine and will live a long life. If not, then you should definitely get yourself ready to buy a new ring. 

Last But Not Least!

Here is our parting line, if you are someone who loves sterling silver rings, then do yourself a favor and follow these instructions. These bits of advice and little tips will help keep your precious sterling silver ring clean, healthy, and hearty. You will be the envy of many if not all. If you don’t keep your rings clean, then there is no point in buying them, so give yourself a break, don’t deplete your savings. Take the easy way out and just follow any one of the best ways to keep your sterling silver clean that we have especially mapped out for you.



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