Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver


That’s why we need to take proper care and clean sterling silver jewelry


We all love the shining, sparkling sterling silver jewelry. They are found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. Some may wear them daily as an everyday accessory or their lucky charm, while others wear their precious bling on special occasions only. The bright sparkling sterling silver earrings, a lovely charming silver bracelet, wholesale silver jewelry, a nice family heirloom silver pendant, wholesale jewelry, all these jewelry pieces are so close to one’s heart that we create a special bond with them. And we definitely don’t want them to ever get damage or even a slightly dirty. It does get tarnish with time, the alloy of metals like zinc and copper in sterling silver oxidize with time and darken the jewelry. Clean Sterling Silver That’s why we need to take proper care and clean sterling silver jewelry regularly to keep its lush shining. Silver jewelry is a treasure and it is so versatile that it can be worn on any occasion. It is hypoallergenic, which means it does not give any allergic reaction. Silver jewelry suits every skin color. People from all parts of the world love silver jewelry.


Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver


Clean Sterling Silver It is the most commonly used metal after the gold that is worn and loved by both men and women. Silver jewelry is perfect to give someone as a gift due to its health benefits and spiritual benefits. Silver brings joy and good luck to the wearer. It reflects positive energies and represents feminine power. The brilliant shine and lustrous look make it a great option for jewelry.  It is very important to keep our cherished jewelry clean and neat with proper care and attention. Today we shall look into some amazing home remedies to clean sterling silver jewelry at home. Try these tricks by using only household items:


Use some Cornstarch

Cornstarch with its anti-fungal capabilities is one of the great ways to get rid of the tarnish from your favorite sterling silver jewelry.
Create a paste of cornstarch and water and apply it on the darkened parts of the silver and leave for half an hour. When it is dry, clean sterling silver with a soft piece of cloth, never use a paper towel or tissues for this.

Try some Ketchup

Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver

This is a fun way of cleaning sterling silver jewelry. Yes, ketchup can be used to clean the tarnish. You can use ketchup to polish your jewelry, jewelry manufacturer, apply a small amount of ketchup on an abrasive piece of cloth, and rub smoothly it on the tarnished areas. Then rinse it clean.


Try Aluminum Foil

Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver

Silver ring wholesale Aluminum foil is a very useful thing in our kitchen. Clean Sterling Silver Put a piece of aluminum foil in water and bring it to boil and turn off the flame. Let it cool a bit and then add your tarnished jewelry in it. The aluminum foil will take all the rust on itself and leave shining,
clean sterling silver. Pat dry on a soft towel.

Try any Toothpaste

Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver


Another useful household item is toothpaste. The toothpaste can be used to clean so many other things well than sterling silver. To get all the dirt and tarnish out from cervices take a small amount of toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush and rub gently. Use water to rinse and pat dry the ever-shining sterling silver.

Squeeze Some Lemon Juice

Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver

Lemon juice with its citrus elements can really help in cleaning and polishing the silver. Take some lemon juice and mix it warm water in a bowl. Dip the dirty and tarnished sterling silver jewelry in it and leave there for 1-2 hours. Rub it with a nice soft cloth then and dry it. This will definitely help in removing the dirt from your silver jewelry.



Try Vinegar and Salt

Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver


Vinegar is the king of household items when it comes to getting rid of a stubborn dirt spot in your kitchen or even cleaning your fridge and microwave oven. Vinegar paired with salt creates a deadly combination for all the tarnishing and rust on your sterling silver jewelry. Take ½ cup of white vinegar and 1 tbsp of salt in a bowl and soak your sterling silver jewelry here for 3-4 hours. Rinse and clean sterling silver and see the returned luster and shine in it.


Get some Baking Soda

Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver


Baking Soda is a very helpful item in cleaning rust and tarnishing. นาฬิกาผู้ชาย Create a paste of baking soda with water and rub gently on the sterling silver jewelry with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush. Clean it with a damp towel and pat dry on a soft cloth. If you have a stubborn tarnish try baking soda with lemon juice.


Spray that Glass Cleaner
Amazing Home Remedies to Clean Sterling Silver

Restore the shine and sparkle on your sterling silver by using glass cleaner. Spray some solution on a small brush and rub gently on the jewelry. Rinse it and clean sterling silver with a soft towel. There you have your clean jewelry back. clean sterling silver ring

So these were some home remedies to clean your lovely sterling silver jewelry and return back to its fresh state. There are some care tips also that you need to follow like:

  1. Less exposure to air.
  2. Storing in a dark and cool place.
  3. Throw in some chalks to absorb the moisture.
  4. Keep your jewelry in a plastic bag. 
  5. Do not wear your jewelry around household chemicals.
  6. Keep each jewelry item separately to avoid scratches.
  7. Wear your sterling silver jewelry after you have done your makeup.
  8. Keep your sterling silver away from perfumes and lotions etc.
  9. Do not wear your silver jewelry items in direct sunlight.
  10. And lastly, wear your jewelry more often, don’t just let it sit there in the box.

Apart from all the above-mentioned household items, get some fantastic results by using silver cleaning cloth as well. Just rub it gently on the tarnished areas and see the results yourself. Follow these care tips and home remedies to clean sterling silver jewelry very easily and keep your jewelry glossy and shiny for ages. Do not let that tarnish ruin your precious metals.


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