How to Clean the Marcasite Jewelry?


Being a lady, one cannot live without a Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry. The scintillating beauty with a unique touch of vintage look has allured every woman.

Clean the Marcasite In brief, it has become an essential part of every look. From wedding events to formal brunch parties, the versatile jewelry has become a life savior for all.

This is why you see hundreds of extravagant pieces of Marcasite Jewelry in every women’s jewelry box. Unfortunately, the deluxe look comes at a cost. Clean the Marcasite The breathtaking jewelry demands more than just a hefty price.

It needs proper cleaning and care. If not taken care of, the gleaming beauty will fade away in the blink of an eye. To save your time and efforts, we have unleashed numerous easiest ways to clean your Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry.

How to Clean the Marcasite Jewelry?

Clean the Marcasite

Why it is important to clean the Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry?

Before jumping straight onto the ways to clean your Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry, let’s first understand the root cause of the problem. Clean the Marcasite

Have you ever wondered why the marcasite’s beauty fade away? The answer to this question is quite simple. Pyrite is the secret material here. Clean the Marcasite The mixture of marcasite and pyrite makes up the ravishing piece of jewelry you wear.

As captivating as it is, you cannot use marcasite alone. It is because of its delicate nature due to which it can crumble into dust if used alone. Therefore, the jewelers use iron pyrite to make eccentric Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry.

Pyrite is a flimsy and colored metallic gem. Although it has a semblance of gold, it is more metallic and darker than marcasite. Clean the Marcasite

The only problem is that the color and beauty of the pyrite fade away easily. It is easily tarnished and gets oxidized if not taken care of. Clean the Marcasite Thus, taking the essence away from the jewelry.

To save your time from all the hassles, we have done the hard work for you. To preserve your jewelry from getting dull, oxidized, and tarnished,

we have narrowed down the easiest ways for you to clean your Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry. Clean the Marcasite So sit back and relax as we walk you through the process of how to clean your extravagant jewelry.

Clean the Marcasite

Here are the top 4 ways to clean your Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry

1. Soap and Lukewarm water

You do not have to spend fortunes on expensive polishes and cleaning equipment anymore. Clean the Marcasite All you need to clean your marcasite jewelry are soap and lukewarm water. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add some soap into it.

Mix it well and immerse your jewelry into the bowl. Then, wait for 10 minutes. You should completely immerse the jewelry in the water. Clean the Marcasite

After 10 minutes, take the jewelry out of the bowl and gently clean the jewelry using the soft toothbrush. While doing this step, make sure to brush carefully around the stones. After that, rinse your Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry with cold water.

It will remove all the excess. After 5 minutes, clean the jewelry with a silver cloth to remove any fingerprints and bring back the shine. In no time, your faded jewelry will come back to its original form.

2. Silver Polish Paste

Every poison has its antidote. The silver polish paste is the antidote, in this case. It might sound expensive, but it is worth it. As its name suggests, the polish paste is specially made to clean the oxidized silver.Clean the Marcasite

Moreover, it is easy to use too. Just grab a silver polish paste and apply a small amount to your jewelry. Clean the Marcasite Next, use a soft toothbrush and gently scrub the Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry.

After this, grab a cloth and gently clean the excess to loosen the tarnish. In no time, you will get your original jewelry piece back, glittering and gleaming as before.

Clean the Marcasite

3. Storage

Just cleaning the jewelry is not enough. Clean the Marcasite If you want to keep a versatile and exquisite piece forever, you should store it in a secure place.

Do not get baffled about what this means. Let us clear the air. Clean the Marcasite We are not talking about the bank lockers. All you need to store it safely is a zip lock bag.

You should always store your outrageous Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry in a cool and dark place. Clean the Marcasite It helps to get rid of oxidation and dullness.

The dark place eradicates the access of sunlight, heat, and moisture. It, in turn, helps to keep the jewelry new. Clean the Marcasite Therefore, the best way to store your jewelry is to keep them in small zip-lock bags.

However, make sure to remove all the excess air from the bags before storing them. Clean the Marcasite For better results, you can put anti-tarnish paper along with each piece.

Clean the Marcasite Anti-tarnish papers are easily available at every hardware store and craft store that helps to retain the shine and gleam of the Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry.

4. Warnings

Prevention has always proven to be better than cure. Besides the aforementioned steps, you can prepare beforehand to never let the tarnish and dullness happen. Clean the Marcasite

Clean the Marcasite The most crucial thing to remember is never to keep the jewelry in water for so long. It might speed up the process of dullness.

Moreover, to slow down the process, wear your jewelry pieces every day, instead of special occasions. Clean the Marcasite Contrary to dogmatic beliefs, when the metal comes in contact with your skin, it helps to clean the piece automatically.

Therefore, your beautiful accessory will never fade out. Clean the Marcasite Furthermore, never put down your Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry in the bathrooms.

Bathrooms generally have high humidity, which will amplify the process of oxidation and dullness. Clean the Marcasite The bathroom humidity can ruin your jewelry piece within hours.

Clean the Marcasite

Final verdict

In a nutshell, while the maintenance of the alluring accessory seems difficult, the reality is quite the opposite. The above-mentioned ways are some of the most effective ways to restore your tarnished Marcasite jewelry to its original form. Clean the Marcasite

They are not just the simplest ways, but also cost-effective. Clean the Marcasite So, go ahead and try these simple hacks to regain the deluxe feeling of wearing the aesthetic Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry.


Are you worried about your dull and tarnishedWholesale Marcasite Jewelry?  Clean the Marcasite Read this article to unravel the most effective ways to clean the Marcasite Jewelry.

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