Top Myths About Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring


Men are already stressed when planning the perfect engagement. Choosing the perfect engagement rings and diamonds is a big part of that panic. To add on, Wholesale Jewelry, the myths and rules that are in place about engagement rings and diamonds enhance that level of unidentified territory. Let us help you navigate some of the rules that need to be thrown out to make it easier for men to ring shop. Diamond Engagement Ring

Top Myths About Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Myth #1: You Must Spend 3 Months of Your Salary

According to a report for the Jewelers of America, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, many people still spend 3 months’ salary on an engagement ring. This rule started back in the 1930s when De Beers diamond made it part of their marketing strategy. However, now jewelers would claim that this is the rule. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the amount of money to spend. Make a practical decision on a ring that you can afford, instead of draining your savings. Diamond Engagement Ring

 Diamond Engagement Ring

Myth #2: The Bigger the Better

Bigger is not always better when it comes to the size of a diamond. The rareness of the diamond stems directly from the cut. The cut is the science behind how the diamond shines and reflects with light. When a diamond has a perfect cut, Jewelry manufacturer, the series of angles act like tiny little mirrors and shine the light on one another. The right cut will make the diamond more appealing even if it is smaller in size. Diamond Engagement Ring

Myth #3: The Purchase Should Be A Surprise

Tradition often values the man shopping for the ring and surprising his lady. However, there are big benefits to shopping for a ring together and communicating about the purchase. Studies show that conversations about styles, budget, and likeliness will benefit both the man and the woman in the long run. Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Myth #4: Yellow Gold is Outdated

Yellow gold has been the preferred choice for many generations. Some cultures today, only wear yellow gold jewelry as a preference over white gold. However, this does not make yellow gold out of style. Pairing a diamond with a yellow gold band can really make the jewel stand out and shine. The difference between yellow and white gold today is a personal preference. Diamond Engagement Ring

Myth #5: You Should Always Get the Ring Size Accurate

This is not necessary, as rings can be resized easily. As more and more couples today are shopping for a ring together, this occurrence happens less. However, if you want to surprise your girlfriend, knowing that you can resize the ring makes it less stressful. Another option would be to borrow one of her current rings and a jeweler can replicate the size. We know how special buying an engagement ring is. Visit a professional jeweler who can assist you to select a unique engagement ring and diamond. Diamond Engagement Ring

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