How to choose the best Diamond Clarity


The clarity of a diamond is based on the availability of internal imperfections naturally in the diamond. Take as flaws; these irregularities appear just like birthmarks and can be crucial in knowing your diamond.

The most well-used diamond clarity grading system was first developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Wholesale Jewelry, The system employs eleven different grades to detail the presence (or lack) of clarity traits in a diamond (more information).

How to choose the best Diamond Clarity


Diamond Clarity Scale:

-FL or IF Flawless/Internally Flawless

-VVS1 or VVS2: Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 is better than VVS2)

-VS1 or VS2: Very Slightly Included (VS1 is better than VS2)

-SI1 or SI2: Slightly Included (SI1 is better than SI2)

-I1, I2 or I3: Included (I1 is the finest of the 3)

-What are FL and IF

FL (Flawless): There are no flaws at all under 10x magnification. It is scarce, only like 1% of diamonds in the market. IF (Internally Flawless): There are no recognizable internal flaws under magnification, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, but you may find small surface blemishes such as polishing lines.

What is an Eye-Clean?

Eye Clean is a term that is most often mentioned when evaluating diamonds according to their clarity. A diamond is Eye Clean so far, Jewelry manufacturer, and you can inspect it under bright light and in the absence of magnification and ensure there isn’t any big clouding, inclusions, or imperfections.

Eye Clean Diamond Clarity Grades:


VS2-VVS1 diamonds are eye-clean. You won’t find any inclusions with your ordinary eye.
SI1 and SI2 are commonly eye-clean. It is most advisable to view the diamonds yourself or through a video to know the clarity and see to it that you’re satisfied with what you get.
It is advised that diamond jewellery shoppers who want to buy diamonds on a budget. It is not different when you procure a lower clarity grade when it looks neat but is available at a more cost-effective price than flawless diamonds.

What clarity grade should I go for?

Usually, anytime you want to purchase a diamond that has no flaws whatsoever that can be observed with the naked eye. In essence, always go for eye-clean diamonds!
Don’t choose I2 & I3 clarity grades.

Diamonds of these clarity grades ALWAYS have inclusions that can be seen with our natural eye. I’ve not for once held an I2 or I3 diamond that does not have inclusions when observed without a loupe. For safety precautions, scratch them off from your shopping priorities as they will, of course, not be eye-clean! Diamond with these symbols, FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, & VS1 clarity grades are sure to be eye-clean.


It infers that each of these clarity grades will appear just the same to the ordinary eye: very clean as though there weren’t any flaws whatsoever! In other words, the higher it goes in clarity, the cleaner the diamond will be when viewed under 10x magnification.
Clarity grades from VS2, SI1& SI2 can be eye-clean and are much cheaper!

VS2, SII & SI2 clarity grades are not that costly as the “guaranteed” eye-clean grades, and they’re almost eye-clean also! VS2 & SI1 inclusions can be seen without any hassle with the aid of a 10x loupe. But their irregularities are still invisible to our ordinary eye!
It is why VS2, SI1 and SI2 clarity grades are great regions for saving up so much money – if you take a closer look at the details.

The reason is that clarity grades consider just the inclusion size instead of its position, opaqueness and colour. In reality, though, even if a few inclusions are white and dull, others can be stark and dark. A few flaws can be found on the outer region of the diamond, while other inclusions are seen at the centre of the gemstone, making them more noticeable. So, these diamonds with varying impurities can have a similar clarity grade.

The Different kinds of inclusions we have?

Diamonds are similar to snowflakes, and two diamonds are not the same. It infers that there are different kinds of inclusions. It is the main reason why diamond clarity can not be evaluated using a machine. It is then categorized by a professional. Here are some tips to offer you a brighter idea of what each factor contributes to what becomes marks inclusions.
Pinpoints: These imperfections are white or black and tiny crystals that can only be viewed under magnification.



Cavity is an opening that can be seen on the surface of a diamond. These are disturbing as they hold oil and dirt and needs more consistent cleaning of the gem. It is possible to file it down using a polish, but this will make your diamond lose its weight.


As seen by its name, it is a needle-like inclusion with either white colour or transparent.


This is the same as a cavity inclusion, where you’ll find an opening on the exterior of the diamond. What differentiates them is that this is an artificial inclusion due to wear and tear. It is usually seen on the surface and the corner of diamonds.


This inclusion is a tiny crack that can be seen within the gen. It can be short or long, dark or transparent. Anytime a feather flaw is bad, it gets to the diamond’s surface, which is an issue as it affects the durability of the diamond.


Bearding is an inclusion given that name because it is an imperfection that appears like fur or hair. These are fine lines that are created during the process of shaping a diamond.


Graining is an abruptly shaped crystal growth flaw that may appear like faint lines or creases within the diamond.


This inclusion occurs within the earth naturally, where a tiny crystal builds inside the diamond.


Cloudiness is not usually seen as an inclusion, but this influences the shine and the vibrance of a diamond. It’s necessary to look out for cloudiness as even diamonds with a clarity of VS1 and more can get cloudy.

What is the choicest diamond clarity for a wedding ring?

Flawless diamonds are sold at very high prices. It is necessary to understand that you don’t have to go for an Internally Flawless diamond to ensure a top-quality eye-clean diamond.

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