Pricey gemstones for your engagement rings


Gems engagement rings are a perfect association with your special occasion. The gems enhance the complete look of your diamond ring giving it a spectacular appearance that is exquisite for your engagement.

gemstones Just before you jump on the expensive gems for your diamond ring, you should choose the ones that come with a higher Mohs solidity level which is around 7 or more than 8.

it is a great indicator to let us understand the fact that the stones are suited to daily wear and resist any scratch. Wholesale Jewelry.

To help you get sorted we certainly have listed down several of the expensive gems that you can opt for your engagement ring.

Almost all of the gems in this checklist are highly durable and are cleansed using the ultrasonic system or heavy steam. You can also clean them using tepid to warm water, mild cleaning agents, and a very soft brush at home.

Pricey gemstones for your engagement rings




Let’s consider the stunning gemstones for your engagement rings


Alexandrites are beautiful gemstones that change their color from bluish-green or eco-friendly underneath daylight into purplish-red or red underneath the Lamoureux light.

This stunning gemstone was found during the 1830s in Russia and due to the color-changing feature, it gained recognition.

Alexandrite is an expensive gemstone that comes with a high hardness of around 8. 5 resisting scratches and which makes it an excellent choice for engagement bands.


This other expensive gemstone is a mesmerizing choice due to the diverse range of imaginable colors and multiple zones shown in the rock.

It was a cheap gemstone but following the discovery of tourmalines in blue-green and neon-blue shades, it was a little while until the world by surprise. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

Paraiba tourmaline is a rare, expensive gemstone that comes with a 7-7. 5 hardness degree with no cleavage. It really is less likely to suffer from division and resists any damage.

Cat’s Vision Chrysoberyl’s

What you will love about this gemstone is the spectacular cat’s eyesight effect rendering it a valuable choice. Cat’s eye chrysoberyl’s come in greenish-yellow, yellowish-green, and yellow body colors.

The milk products and honey result with a pointy scholar within this precious stone make this gemstone a great choice. The best part regarding this gem is that it comes with an 8. 5 hardness level with an increased luster and indistinct cleavage.

Additionally, many are highly durable, glowing, and delicious gemstones that can be easily incorporated into wedding rings to provide a delicate look.


“Jedi” Spinels

These stunning gemstones were first found in Myanmar in 2001. The particular neon hot red color of these gemstones is influenced by Star Battles.

What you’ll love about these gemstones is they do not have any more dark tones which lower the spinel value.

The perfect fluorescents glow of Jedi spinels is due to the strong fluorescence. Spinels are relatively available in the market but Jedi Spinel’s in neon hot pink is uncommon which will keep their prices high making them a perfect choice for engagement rings.


This gemstone is also known as jade which can be any of the two distinct types of minerals including nephrite or jadeite. Jadeite is one of the expensive and rare gemstone types.

It really is available in several colors varying from orange, white, gray, yellow, dark, and lavender. The Soberano green color of jadeite is considered one of the value types and is highly valued.

When the jadeites are polished, they express high original appeal giving the wedding rings a perfect look. Jadeites come with a six. 5-7 hardness range. Some of these pieces have a high vulnerability to scratches.

Though jadeite is a difficult gemstone, it comes with no boobs and high tenaciousness. It highly resists cracking and chipping.

The gemmy texture of the jadeites always benefits the attention of the crowd due to their unique look. The toughness of jadeite is such that it offers to protect properties even in the Chinese culture.


It really is one of the affordable gemstones available in orangish, purplish, and brownish-red colors. With regard to your expensive wedding rings, you can choose rubellites which are available in a various range of reds including magenta, mauve, light pink, rose, or blood red.

These types of gemstones are reduced into faceted gemstones which gives these rings a perfect cat’s eye impact. Rubellites are one durable gemstone however they do have inclusions.

Prevent cleaning them utilizing a mechanical system and opt for a mild cleaning method like detergent, smooth brush, and warm water.


Demantoid Garnets

With a diverse range of garnets available for sale, demantoids are the rare, expensive gemstones that you can opt for to display on the engagement bands.

This gemstone is available in beautiful green color. It was first throughout the Russian Federation during the earlier 19th century. Demantoids are all about attention and love.

The best, extreme eco-friendly demantoids come with a perfect splendor giving your eye a perfect look. Demantoids are not available in huge sizes. Jewelry manufacturer.

Their beauty is within their treatment. The hardness of these gemstones is around 6. 5-7 which increases their susceptibility to scrapes.

Red Beryls

The particular red beryls are a beautiful type of beryl precious stone. They are simply related to the emeralds and aquamarines. The top-notch quality of these gemstones makes them a great choice for diamond rings.

They are present only in the gorgeous Wah Pile of Utah. Reddish-colored beryl is a rare form of gem that is predicted to come with a one treasure quality compared to every 150000-diamond treasure quality.

Red beryl’s come with $10000 for every single carat. It is just a mesmerizing gemstone that goes well for your engagement event. When acquiring the red beryl’s, it’s essential to receive the research laboratory grade liable to avoid any imitation or ruse.

This gemstone also incorporates inclusions so avoid cleaning them with the ultrasonic system or heavy steam. Use a blend of warm normal water, a comfortable brush, and mild detergent.



For those who have been seeking expensive gemstones for their engagement rings, this guide may help. gemstones

Many of us have listed the best gemstones that will gain attention in the audience and make your loved one satisfied with the perfect design and use of gemstones in diamond rings.

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