Why does my silver jewelry dull down?


Silver jewelry is of the top best-selling metal jewelry in the world. jewelry dull down It’s been winning hearts since the beginning of time. There’s no doubt that there is a prolonged list of perks that come with getting silver jewelry under your belt.

jewelry dulls down It doesn’t help that its amazing shine and gorgeous luster make it irresistible. Jewelry is one of the best ways one can completely let go of their insecurities. They can style themselves however they want, bringing in a smidgen of their personality into the mix. Wholesale Jewelry.

Silver jewelry is of the few metals that come in a lot of variety and give you many options to dress yourself up in. jewelry dull down The jewelry collaborates with other gemstones as well to bring out the glimmer and sparkle it’s truly famous for.

That’s what makes it the perfect jewelry to keep a store of. If you don’t have it in your jewelry collection then we’ll be judging you. jewelry dull down However, where there’s a great long list of things that favor its use, there are some disadvantages that are often overlooked.

Silver jewelry has the nature of getting dull as the time passes when you bought it and now. jewelry dull down The metal has chemical imbalances that lead to that reaction which has made many lose their hold on such jewelry. The article will surely enlighten you on all the reasons why silver jewelry dulls down.

Why does my silver jewelry dull down?


jewelry dull down


Why does it dull down?

One thing that truly defines whether your jewelry is pure silver jewelry or not, is a fact. A fact that states that pure silver never gets dull. jewelry dull down This is the most special and obvious that the precious metal silver has.

If you’ve come across jewelry that looks like silver but has dulled, then we’ve got news for you. jewelry dull down The jewelry that you’ve got in your collection isn’t silver but has some percent of alloy mixed in.

When we think of silver plus alloy, only one type of silver jewelry comes to mind and that’s sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and the remaining percent is other metals. Since these metals could be copper they turn into an alloy.

When the alloy comes in contact with air or moisture, turns the jewelry dark. If you’ve been stumped in the past, then we’re sorry. jewelry dull down But in the future, to know if the jewelry is sterling silver, look for the 925 stamps.

It would help you figure out your confusion about silver and sterling silver. The stamp is usually under the band or at the back of the pendant. jewelry dull down


jewelry dull down


Oxidization is in motion

Another word for the darkening of such silver jewelry is oxidization. Yes, your darkened jewelry is oxidized which means you may have left it in the open for too long. That way it got damaged and lost its allure.

When these things happen, you take any drastic measures you can to undo it all. Unfortunately, some of these methods could actually worsen the problem. jewelry dull down Excessive cleaning of jewelry could lead the jewelry to get all worn out with the actual design getting all tarnished. We do not want that from happening. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

The first thing you can do is to identify all the oxidized jewelry that you have and set it aside. One thing that is quite interesting about oxidized jewelry is how sterling silver isn’t the only one. It isn’t the only type of metal to tarnish.

We have many silver plated jewelry engraved with gemstones and other types of stones. jewelry dull down All these silver-plated accessories will eventually get worn out no matter how high-quality jewelry the brand claims to sell.


jewelry dull down



Chemicals play an important in the tarnishing process of your jewelry. jewelry dull down If your jewelry often comes in contact with chemicals like perfumes, body lotions, etc then you know the answer. That’s why we don’t recommend silver jewelry to be appropriate for daily use.

jewelry dull down This means you shouldn’t choose as a base for your engagement or wedding ring. If you’re a cook or someone who is often exposed to fruits, vinegar, or olives, keep it away from silver.

You’ll notice that silver jewelry that usually doesn’t come in contact with these products, doesn’t tarnish quickly. jewelry dull down but yea! All of these precautions can only slow down the process and not prevent it.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem for those who have a lot of cleaning tips up their sleeve. Tricks and tips will surely help you clean all the dark stuff out of your silver jewelry.


jewelry dull down


Cleaning tips for oxidized jewelry


If the damage isn’t all that much, you can just clear it up with a silver or sunshine cloth. We’ve mentioned clothes like these because silver is really soft. jewelry dull down

You can’t clean the tarnish with tissues or paper towels, it might scratch the surface. Do some gentle back and forth motion to clear everything out.

Basic cleaning

What you can do is clean the silver jewelry with soap and water. jewelry dull down The soap could be any dishwashing soap that isn’t all that reactive, wash it off with warm water. Then wipe out all the water through a non-abrasive cloth to make it look squeaky clean.

Reversal process

If the tarnish is pretty deep, you can just reverse the process using aluminum foil, boiling water, and baking soda. Just place aluminum foil over the surface of the bowl and pour boiling water on it. jewelry dull down

Then in a cup of water add 1 tablespoon of baking soda into the bowl. jewelry dull down Then add silver jewelry to it. Keep it there for as long as you want.


jewelry dull down



Silver jewelry is quite common and is always part of everybody’s jewelry collection. It comes in many designs and shapes that brands launch every season. jewelry dull down It has a way of bringing out your true beauty and the essence of your look.

Don’t believe us? Try wearing it to your next event. You’ll be a stunt by how much it would turn out to be true. jewelry dull down The jewelry is also said to benefit you physically and emotionally. Jewelry manufacturer.

However, the only downside of wearing it is it gets dull down. There are many you can stop that from happening as you are now thankfully aware of through the article. Let’s follow these instructions through and make it our mission to protect our jewelry.

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There are many reasons for the tarnishing of silver jewelry. Discover them in the article along with all the ways you can reverse the damage!

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