Best Wholesale Marcasite Ring: Ultimate Guide


Marcasite rings have a unique appeal and are made by blending different types of gemstones together. Marcasite is actually a naturally occurring silver mineral that forms when pyrite oxidizes under the influence of air or water. The most common natural marcasite has no crystal structure and can be easily scratched with iron,

Which was reportedly used in ancient times to test for the presence of gold. The name comes from Marcus Aurelius Septimius Bassianus, who was commonly known as Caracalla (AD 193-217), an emperor of Rome. Being fond of Marcasites, he carried it onto his coins and henceforth called marcasites ‘Caracallia’. This association between him and marcasites led to the naming of marcasite itself.

Best Wholesale Marcasite Ring: Ultimate Guide

marcasite ring

Marcasite rings are a type of engagement ring that has been adopted by modern men and women who want to flaunt their exceptional tastes. The best kinds of Marcasite rings are a bit expensive as they require several gemstones, which may include spinel, citrine, or amethyst set in gold and silver alloy for best results. The best Marcasite Rings will also be made from platinum where it is mixed with iridium (a rare metal), and this helps marcasites remain bright white when exposed to oxygen.

In fact, they don’t change color after prolonged exposure. This is the reason every wholesaler must purchase them. Marcasite rings come in so many different designs and styles that it is very difficult for one to choose the most suitable one. But if you go online, there are numerous websites that offer marcasite rings with or without gems. Best Wholesale Marcasite Rings can be purchased from manufacturers or suppliers who sell them in bulk, and also they give significant discounts too.

Best Wholesale Marcasite Ring will cost as low as $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the type and design. If you plan on buying Best wholesaler Marcasite Ring, there are several factors that you must consider before making a purchase decision because the best Marcasite Rings may look good initially but may not last long due to the inferior quality materials used to make them.

marcasite ring

1. Ancient style turquoise bezel setting ring

If you are looking for the best types of Marcasite Rings, then this is the right ring that can be sold wholesale. Both wholesalers and retailers will always prefer this ring as it has a very unique spin compared to any other type of Marcasite Ring available online. It has a precious turquoise stone, and its design is very simple.

2. Pear Coral & Marcasite Scrollwork Overlay Ring

This is one of the most beautiful rings in the market due to its design. It looks and feels like royalty when you wear it. It is that gift you want to give to your other half on your anniversary. The red coral precious stone is delicately placed inside the ring, and it’s impossible just to remove it anyhow.

3. Sterling Silver Double Square Onyx Open Ring

This ring is Sterling passivated, and the ring closes has two turns. The Sterling Silver Double Square Onyx Open Rings weigh 2.4 Grams, and it measures 9mm long by 10mm tall in the closed position and 4.5mm wide. It has an approximate inside diameter of 19mm, which will accommodate a size 6 US finger comfortably. The Sterling Silver Double Square Onyx Open Ring comes with a Sterling gift box.

4. Three stone red agate fancy Marcasite ring –

Three-stone, oval cut, red and clear (approx. 10mm x 10mm) alternating with three round shaped natural Marcasites of about 4mm divided in size are prong-set on an oxidized sterling silver Welsh band of a slightly larger width so as to accommodate the center stones. The side stones have been given a bezel typesetting with tiny flakes of milgrain edging around them, adding further sparkle to this already very stunning piece. As for the back or reverse it has been finished all around, and on its inner surface, it has also been oxidized just like its outer side.

5. Pear Agate & Marcasite Marquise-Shaped Cluster

Pear agate promotes harmony and stability while aiding in keeping focused on your goals in life or business. A powerful protection stone that repels negativity and absorbs positive energy at the same time, Pear Agate can also help you attract abundance from all sources into your life.

Pear agates are often used as healing stones because they address health issues like indigestion or ulcers by helping you become conscious of stress-related habits such as obsessive eating. This is definitely a ring you want to buy in wholesale not just because of its benefits above but also because of the way it looks. It would serve as a perfect gift to any female you love. The kind of gift they’ll always appreciate for years to come.

6. Marcasite adorable mini pig Sterling Silver Ring

This marcasite ring has to be one of the cutest rings in the market today. It features a very cute and adorable little pig staring right at you. There are no precious stones on this piece, but that doesn’t affect its beauty and shine in any way. It is the perfect jewelry to be worn to places like the cinema, park, and other small fun events. Again, while you are staring at the pig design, you might not quickly notice that the pig design has been placed inside a heart-shaped design just to make it more appealing to jewel lovers.

marcasite ring

So, we have come to the end of our blog post for today. The rings above are exquisite and perfect for you to begin your journey with as a wholesaler. However, remember that you must purchase them from trusted suppliers and manufacturers online because there are so many scammers out there waiting to jump on your hard-earned money. Don’t let anyone pressure you to buy from a place you don’t trust. Remember all the quality assurance checks you need to carry out once these pieces of jewelry are about to be purchased. If you have any questions, drop them in the comment box below, and we’ll get back to you.

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