5 Classic Marcasite Earrings to Add to Your Collection in 2021


The sparkling beauty of marcasite jewelry is timeless and everlasting, especially if you’re a fan of intricate designs in elegant settings that don’t shout for attention. Because of this, marcasite is one of the oldest known gems used in jewelry. It was discovered thousands of years ago and has been featured on everything from ancient Egyptian jewelry to pieces worn by Marie Antoinette as a young queen.

Marcasite is a naturally occurring alloy that is made up of zinc, Wholesale Jewelry, sulfur, iron, and oxygen. A natural brass-like luster sparkles gently through its rich prismatic patterns. The color can range anywhere from pale green with hues of yellow or grey to bright reds and blues. So depending on the particular piece you want to buy, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, we’ve highlighted some particularly precious marcasite earrings for every budget as well as style! Here’s a look at 5 classic marcasite earrings that will make your collection shine:

5 Classic Marcasite Earrings to Add to Your Collection in 2021


Marcasite Cuff Earrings; An Elegant Wave Design with Enhanced Sparkling Beauty

These beautiful vintages 1930s cuff earrings are the perfect way to add elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Unlike many other pieces of jewelry, marcasite jewelry never goes out of style or date, Jewelry manufacturer, so you can feel confident knowing these stunning 1920s-inspired earrings will look just as amazing in 10 years’ time. Marcasite jewelry has always been a firm favorite with many celebrities and public figures. The Duchess of York has been a huge fan of marcasite jewelry for years.

Marcasite Hoop Earrings with Brilliant Solitaire Cuts; A Large Silver Setting Enhances


Marcasite’s Natural Beauty

Another elegant pair of vintage dangle earrings, these fabulous 1920s earrings feature large cushion-cut solitaires set in an intricate silver floral design that perfectly showcases marcasite’s natural beauty. The earrings are quite heavy due to their size, so perhaps best to avoid wearing them if you’re looking for something lightweight that can be worn on a daily basis. However, they make perfect evening wear or special occasion pieces and look spectacular when teamed with a formal party dress or gown.

Bold Modern Marcasite Earrings Displaying a Diamond Cut Rectangle Shape
This bold modern pair of earrings are not for the faint-hearted, and they’re certainly not subtle. These pieces are nothing if not striking with their large diamond-cut marcasite rectangles set in an asymmetrical silver design. These 1920s earrings may look like costume jewelry, but their detail work is first class, and any lover of vintage marcasite jewelry will love the care that’s gone into producing this designer piece of collectible art. If you’re looking for a statement piece of marcasite jewelry to wear when you want people to take notice, then look no further than this stunning pair of unique earrings.

Modern Marcasite Chandelier Earrings with a Round Cut Solitaire Setting; Illuminate Your Face and Frame Your Hair With Victorian Sparkle The ‘wow’ factor of these spectacular earrings will grab your attention from the instant you see them, especially as they are so different from the other pieces of marcasite jewelry on this list. These dazzling art deco earrings display a large round cut solitaire set in a delicate chandelier design that seems to reach out towards your face.

Perfect for evenings out or when you want to look like royalty, this is one pair of 1920s-inspired marcasite earrings that does stand out from the crowd. If you’re not afraid to show off your love of vintage craftsmanship, then there’s nothing to stop you from going all out and wearing a sparkling headband or tiara, too!

Marcasite Pendant Earrings with Large Cushion Cut Solitaire Settings; A Tiny Silver Oval Setting Enhances the Sparkling Beauty of Marcasite It may be hard to tell from these photos, but this pair of earrings is quite small compared to some of the others on our list. One reason why they stand out is due to their unusual design – circular marcasite pendants hanging down from delicate chains rather than dangle earrings that hang down off your ears. While these are not for everyone, if you prefer small pieces, you will enjoy the intricate detail work and the quality of these 1920s-inspired earrings.

Marcasite Hoop Earrings Featuring a Large Teardrop-Shaped Cushion Cut Solitaire Setting
After all this intricate detail work, we have saved our favorite pair for last – and there’s no doubt about it, these are definitely some of the most spectacular marcasite hoop earrings you will ever see anywhere. These stunning 1930s earrings display a large cushion-cut teardrop-shaped solitaire setting with delicate filigree accents that look like they could be spun from spider silk. These marcasite stud earrings may not be a traditional pair to wear but if you’re looking for something truly unique, then look no further than this breathtaking art deco design.

Marcasite jewelry has been popular for over a hundred years, and there’s a good reason why – the sparkle and gleam of marcasite really can’t be beaten! If you’re looking to add some vintage style to your jewelry collection, then there is no better place to start than with a pair of stunning marcasite earrings.

Be sure that if you decide to buy a pair of one of these pairs of antique marcasite earrings, you’ll want nothing but “the best,” so here are our choices for high-quality designs. Don’t forget to look for Good Quality Stones. In other words, choose quality over quantity for your marcasites since this type of earrings is usually quite small in size. You can look for marcasites with the highest carat weight because they are always heavier than their less-curated counterparts. Also, choose marcasite that has some sparkle to it so you can have a realistic representation of the stone’s class.

If possible, provide your trusted jeweler with pictures and samples as references so they can give you an idea of how to determine the right quality of stones for your intended marcasite earrings. Finally, we hope you can gift them to your loved ones in due time.

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