How do we measure ring 925 size?


To help you get your hands on the best jewelry pieces, we are here to help you out with the complete sizing guide about rings. Most of us are in a rush to get suitable rings for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, and more but are not sure how to find the ultimate ring size. So, dive in now to find out how to correctly measure the ring size using simple methods:

ring 925

How to measure ring 925 sizes?

Are you shopping for your husband, fiance, or friends and family members? And want to surprise them with the most suitable ring size to add up in their jewelry collection? Then you can get the correct ring size by getting help from your friends and family members without them noticing the surprise. The standard ring size for most women ranges between size 3 to 9. Most women usually purchase silver jewelry rings in 5-7 sizes. And size 6 is one of the most common ones.

Now, if we talk about men, the average ring size measures around 6-13, and the commonly purchased sizes in men’s rings vary between 8-10 ½ size. The most popular size amongst men is 9. Getting to know all about average ring 925 sizes helps you get your hand on the most suitable ring 925 size.

Using paper, ruler, and string:

For this method, you need to follow these simple steps to measure the jewelry pieces correctly:

-Wrap a string or use paper for wrapping around the finger’s base.

-Now make the points where both ends meet using a pen.

-Next, measure the paper or the string that you used using a ruler in mm.

-Next, pick the ring 925 size closest to the measurements present over the size chart.
Other than the string, you can also use floss available at home. For the standard ring size, the half-size matches an increment of around 0.4 millimeters which means size 3 is equal to 14mm, 3.5 size is equal to 14.4mm, size 4 is equivalent to 14.8mm or more. While using this method, remember that these tools might stretch if excessive force is used.

ring 925

Using Ring 925 size chart:

Another method to measure the ring size is by keeping the ring over the size chart. There are ring size charts available online, so you can match the proper size of the ring over the circle made on the chart and measure the one that comes with a similar ring 925 circumference.

Using a ring sizer or tape measure:

If you are unable to get help from your friends and family members, you can ask for their rings or get your hands on their rings and take them to professional jewelers. The jewelry maker will then use tape or the printable ring sizer to measure the ring’s inside. The ring should measure such that it snugly fits the fingers without even falling off, but it should be loose enough for sliding over the knuckles that too with ease.

When your knuckle is comparatively bigger compared to the finger’s base, make sure to measure both the knuckles and bottom of the finger when picking the correct ring 925 size from the collection of jewelry pieces.

Make sure to measure the finger for ring size once you are done all over the day and at the time when fingers are comparatively warm. It’s said that the size of the finger changes based on the timings and weather changes which means the fingers are relatively more minor during the early morning and also during cold weather. Moreover, it is also a fact that the fingers of your dominant or writing hand are comparatively larger.

Is there a possibility to resize the rings?

Yes, your rings can be resized if there are minor changes. You can add up or remove minor amounts of metal-based on the size difference in your jewelry pieces between the one purchased or the one requested. You might feel that the ring 925 is thinner or thicker once it is resized. Specific changes are not that visible.

What happens if the ring size is wrong?

There are jewelers in the market who offer you complimentary resizing, and that’s not a big issue to stress out for. However, it’s always recommended that you make sure to size the rings incredibly correctly when you buy jewelry.

Things you should consider before sizing your rings:

Make sure to consider the knuckles. If the knuckles are large, order a jewelry ring size that is a half size bigger from what the fingers indicate. Because if the knuckles are more prominent, you won’t be able to slide the ring 925.

Make sure that your ring is accurate after checking it multiple times. Make sure to measure the finger for jewelry pieces around 3-4 times because the finger size might fluctuate based on temperature. The fingers might become small in colder areas and might get swollen at times of overheating.

These strategies will help you get your hands on the jewelry pieces, including a correct ring with the most accurate size. If you use these tools and tips properly, you’ll end up buying precise rings. The best ring sizing tool is either the keyring lined with the ring sizes gradient on it or a measuring tape. The measuring tape is a great choice that works well for measuring the rings.

Once you’ve decided which ring sizing method you’ll use, make sure to measure the finger you’ll be placing the ring on. It’s because the fingers come in different widths and sizes. Moreover, dominant hands are usually more extensive and more comprehensive compared to the non-dominant ones! Other than that environmental factors also affect the size of the ring 925.

Want a comfortable, good fit over the fingers of your loved ones or for yourself? Wondering how to get the best-sized ring 925? Then don’t delay any further and click now to find out how you can choose the jewelry piece that fits well on your fingers.

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