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Wholesale sterling silver is an authentic popular metal that is used in the jewelry industry. Sterling silver is the best choice for jewelry making, wholesale jewelry, which is a real silver that lasts for a longer duration. The genuine silver jewelry is the one that sparkles all the time and does not dull if worn daily.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver comes with 92.5% silver which is then mixed with certain alloys like copper. Silver is a type of soft metal that comes with a coating of rhodium which prevents any tarnish. wholesale silver jewelry, If you are wondering whether wholesale sterling silver is real or not, you can perform the following tests to identify whether it’s fake or not.

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Magnet test:

It is the easiest way of testing sterling silver jewelry. Get yourself a magnet, then place it next to the jewelry pieces. Metals like platinum, gold, or silver are not magnetic, jewelry manufacturer, so if your selection is not actual, they will be attracted to a magnet.


Another method to check your wholesale sterling silver is that they are pure and authentic if it has marks on it. You can also check spots like .925, 925, or s925, imprinted on rings, bracelets, or necklaces that identify authentic silver jewelry. The marks represent that your silver jewelry is pure and make up your jewelry.

However, particular jewelers in the market sell fake pieces and try replicating the silver jewelry with stamps. This hallmark test is essential as it helps in the identification of real, genuine silver. In most jewelry pieces, the items do not come with any stamps, but they might be true, so you can perform other tests to identify whether the silver jewelry is authentic or not!

Cloth test:

Wipe your wholesale sterling silver using a white cloth, which helps you identify the real silver. If you wipe off the jewelry pieces and there are black marks when you rub them, that indicates that your silver jewelry is made from 925 silver. As soon as 925 silver results in oxidation after exposure to air, silver jewelry will lead to tarnish and dark tinge. Check your pieces now to identify that your silver products are real rather than being fake.

Value of sterling silver:

Sterling silver is one of the most expensive metals, which is a precious one. Sterling silver is authentic, which comes with 92.5% silver resembling lustrous beauty. Silver metal is highly durable with high strength, making wholesale sterling silver a real, genuine choice.

Sterling silver jewelry is not cheap; it comes at a valuable price. It’s an excellent investment in any metal. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that you are buying genuine products rather than fake ones as there are different sellers available in the market who can fake imitations.

Easy maintenance and care of real

silver Wholesale sterling silver jewelry loses its luster and shines over some time. If you expose it to the open air, this can result in a tarnishing effect over the silver jewelry, which determines that you have invested in real silver. However, it’s easy to restore the natural shine and polish or sterling silver jewelry by performing DIY methods or visiting the jeweler. Retain the value of your stunning jewelry pieces by extending their life through proper polishing techniques.

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Perform nitric acid test:

As soon as you add few drops of nitric acid over fake silver jewelry, they will lose color and shine. However, if you place nitric acid over authentic wholesale sterling silver jewelry, they won’t turn, which means you have invested in authentic genuine sterling silver products.

However, when you perform this test, you should wear gloves and protect your eyes using goggles. If your sterling silver jewelry is made from real silver, as soon as you perform a nitric acid test, the creamy color will be achieved, but it will turn into a green color if it’s fake.

Perform smell test:

The smell is another factor that tells you how to identify the real wholesale sterling silver. If you have invested in genuine sterling silver jewelry, they won’t smell. However, if your seller or the manufacturer added too many alloys in silver jewelry like copper or nickel, then you might smell something.

Wear it regularly:

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry pieces are authentic if you wear them daily without seeing any effects of tarnish buildup on them. Wearing silver jewelry every day prevents the buildup of dust or tarnish over the metal layer. Sterling is durable and comes in versatile designs, which means you can easily take care of these pieces without hassle.

Weight test:

It is another one of the easiest methods to identify whether the wholesale sterling silver is real or not. If you weigh real silver and fake silver, you can quickly identify the difference. The  is authentic if it weighs the same.

Lastly, if you are done performing these tests, we would also recommend you buy your wholesale sterling pieces from a renowned brand known for selling top-notch, high-quality products that too without mixing sterling silver with too many alloys. So, what are you waiting for? Shop your favorite silver jewelry pieces now and wear them daily!

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Final Verdict:

If you plan to buy wholesale sterling , you must know the differences between real silver and fake ones, which are just plated with silver. When purchasing wholesale silver, you must understand that this silver metal comprises silver with the remaining copper alloy.

The combination of silver with other metals increases its hardness and durability. It is because of this reason that you can enjoy intricate, delicate designs in sterling pieces.

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Are you wondering whether to invest in wholesale sterling silver or not? Not sure whether it’s real silver or fake, then dive in to find out how you can check the authenticity of authentic silver jewelry without investing in fake ones!

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