Stainless Steel Jewelry Vs. Sterling Silver Jewelry – What is Better?


People buy stainless steel jewelry for a number of reasons. The most common is probably economical. It is no secret that sterling silver jewelry can be quite expensive, and this price makes people think twice before buying it. Stainless steel jewelry has a relative cheapness to it, which appeals to many people in these tough financial times we live in.

Stainless steel jewelry does have advantages over sterling silver, even though there are some disadvantages as well. Here we will discuss the differences between the two types of metal so you can decide which one would fit your needs best.

When it comes to cost, stainless steel is definitely cheaper than Sterling Silver. Stainless Steel Jewelry is offered at wholesale prices at some Wholesale stores, with really good prices like a 40% discount. That’s why it is very popular among those who can’t afford expensive jewelry pieces.

Stainless Steel Jewelry Vs. Sterling Silver Jewelry – What is Better?


As a matter of fact, you might be surprised to learn about the wide range of price differences between sterling silver and stainless steel. If you were to buy an item made of pure sterling silver with 18 karats in purity at wholesale prices, then your costs would likely come up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a similar kind of item but this time made out of stainless steel, then you will see that it won’t cost you even half as much, somewhere around $50 or less, for example. In addition to lower costs, there are some more advantages that people love about stainless steel jewelry.

Stainless steel has a very shiny appearance, and it is quite simple to clean. You can wash it using water with some dishwashing soap or even polish it with toothpaste. That’s how great the stainless steel material is. It won’t lose its shine no matter what you do, whereas sterling silver will change color over time, especially when exposed for a long period to chemicals such as sweat and chlorine.

The durability is another thing worth mentioning about stainless steel jewelry. The material itself is durable, but most importantly, the process that goes into making these kinds of jewelry pieces takes advantage of high-quality construction methods, which prolongs their lifespans. In case something happens to go wrong, there are plenty of affordable replacement parts available on the market so you can easily and affordably fix your jewelry. In addition to that, you will also see a huge variety of styles and designs available in stainless steel jewelry.

Another good thing about stainless Steel Jewelry is that it doesn’t contain nickel. Some people are allergic to nickel, so they need to avoid this element the best way they can. On the other hand, some people like to buy stainless steel because of its hypoallergenic properties. It won’t bother your ears or skin in any way whatsoever as long as you are not allergic to the material itself. According to studies, up to twenty-five percent of people have allergies related to earrings made out of sterling silver.

That’s why many people want to switch their regular jewelry to stainless steel jewelry because of what benefit is it to wear a piece of jewelry that will cause you health issues? And depending on body type, skin issues caused by allergenic reactions may aggravate and last longer.

Sterling silver jewelry


And its look is more attractive to many people, even though it can be expensive. For some people, the beauty of this kind of jewelry is just unbeatable. The variations in shades that you will notice when you move your head or see the reflection of light on it somehow mesmerize them, and there’s no way they could think about buying anything else but sterling silver jewelry.

Another advantage of sterling silver is that it can hold pieces inside their hallow spaces (for example, white gold beads in a necklace) because it is smooth enough for that purpose. Stainless steel doesn’t have such properties – these kinds of pieces won’t stay inside without falling off as soon as you move your head around. The quality and durability of sterling silver make it a more desirable type of jewelry for some people. Still, others might like better the flexibility and lower costs associated with stainless steel.

If you want to buy cheap jewelry that will look nice, then stainless steel is your best choice. It won’t bother your ears or skin in any way whatsoever as long as you are not allergic to the material itself. But if you have allergies related to earrings made out of any metal, you should look at stainless steel because the chances are high that this metal won’t cause issues such as redness or irritation on your skin. If you need something durable, something hypoallergenic, and something that can be cleaned easily even with dishwashing soap, then stainless jewelry should be your pick.

The fashion industry


Has come up with a solution of combining the beauty and the practicality of stainless-steel jewelry and sterling silver to create semi-precious metal jewelry. The way this kind of earrings are made is by mixing copper (yellow color) or other metals (gray, black, pink, etc.) with pure silver because it makes them durable for longer periods than silver itself would withstand, especially if you are planning on wearing it every day for many years. If you want something that stands for its price and will last more than a few months, then semi-precious metals might be your best choice. Silver 

So try to shop around and see the look of particular jewelry that you like and then find out its material, because it might be made with semi-precious metal. This brings our blog post to an end for today but based on all the differences above, which jewelry type would you say is better? As for us, the Sterling Silver wins! Kindly drop your answers in the comment box below. Silver

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