10 Tips to Care for the Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry


Silver is one of the oldest metal being used and discovered by humans. This is because it is one of the first five metals discovered in the history of humankind. No one knows who discovered it, but it assumed that first, only pure silver found. It is used in most parts of the world since prehistoric times though the user can vary from region to region. Blocks or nuggets of pure silver are found in rivers and also in rivers. However, this occurrence is very rare. Mostly silver is found along with lead.


Guidance on how to care for your sterling silver jewelry

In old times humans used silver as currency, wholesale silver jewelry, but as times changed, the value of silver also changed. The most common use of silver in our modern world is jewelry. And you will surely love the wholesale sterling silver jewelry


Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is very versatile. It comes in several designs, textures, sizes, and different finishes. Silver jewelry is also very affordable. It is beautiful and precious, yet comes at a low price. However, jewelry manufacturer, it is essential to note that pure silver is not used for jewelry. We use sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal like copper, nickel, or zinc. This mixture is necessary as pure silver is not durable and cannot be used as daily wear. But due to this wholesale sterling silver jewelry has one drawback, and that is tarnished. You must have come across your wholesale jewelry having a blackish-brown layer. This layer is tarnished.

The tarnish on wholesale sterling silver jewelry snatches all its beauty and grace. Tarnish is quite prevalent too. That is why it is essential to take good care of your wholesale sterling silver jewelry. The 10 tips below will tell you how to take care of silver as well as how to get rid of tarnish if your silver has got it. 

Proper coverage  Most of people don’t wear wholesale sterling silver jewelry all the time. That is how it usually is. You are used to the comfort of having your skin free that is why you put the jewelry off once you get home. If you miss a small step here, you will slowly lose your wholesale sterling silver jewelry to tarnish. The small step is to cover the jewelry adequately and put it in packaging. Even if you just once forget it and let the jewelry sit without any protection,

tarnish is only a matter of days, and you do not want that. 


Sterling Silver Jewelry

No Moisture – Moisture is excellent and necessary for humans, but it is not for naturally occurring things like metals. As the sterling silver is not pure silver but an alloy,

it has more chance of reacting with the moisture is surroundings. Impurities in wholesale sterling silver jewelry like copper and other metals will form a layer when exposed to moisture. That is why sterling silver jewelry should be worn carefully with no humidity around it. 

Use of Silica – Not everyone in the world lives in areas with perfect weather and environment. Sometimes no matter how much you try to save sterling silver from humidity or moisture, it will still get to the silver. What to do in that case? It is simple to find a silica bag readily available in medicines or shoe boxes and place it in your jewelry storage bag or box. This will absorb all the surrounding moisture. 

No Baking Soda or Toothpaste – The idea of using baking soda and toothpaste for cleaning jewelry is very common. These two may be suitable for other kinds of metals or artificial jewelry, but they sure are not ideal for silver. If anything, they are abrasive and will destroy the silver sooner than you think. 

Airtight – Most of the time, we put the wholesale sterling silver jewelry carefully in a cupboard, a box, or a bag. All of these are of excellent care for sterling silver, but they will be utterly useless if the place you store your jewelry in is not airtight. Your jewelry will loo safe to you, but it is secretly reacting with the air, and thus metals are oxidizing. So don’t forget to airtight your jewelry. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry


No Chemically Treated Surface – Again, chemicals of any kind will speed up the tarnishing. That is why keep it away from all the wood, which is polished or stained wood. Sterling jewelry should be kept away from chemically treated surfaces as much as possible.

No Wool and Rubber – The gas which destroys sterling silver the most is Sulphur. In an intoxicating environment, Sulphur can be found in abundance. However, even if we are not living in an intoxicating environment, there still are products like rubber and wool which contain Sulphur. These two might look good to you for storing the jewelry, but they are not. 

Use of Chalk – The purpose of chalk as an absorbent of moisture and chemicals is not new. So if you do not get access to silica, you can always get chalk and place it in the silver jewelry storing place.

Synthetic Anti Tarnish Cloth – This is somewhat a hectic chore. You can get the anti-tarnish cloth very quickly from the internet or any market. Then whenever you use your silver jewelry, polish it first from the anti-tarnish cloth. Repeat the same process when you are taking it off. silver earring The strip of cloth absorbs the corrosive agents from the surface of the silver.

No Sunlight – Be aware not to store your wholesale sterling silver jewelry in a place that has direct sunlight. Wearing it temporary in sunlight is different, and storing it can be changed. 

The ways mentioned above were the easiest ways to save your wholesale sterling silver jewelry from any damage. Only a few measures can save your precious jewelry and your money. That is why don’t be lazy and take good care of the cute wholesale sterling silver jewelry you just bought. 


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