Wearing wholesale sterling silver necklaces according to your neckline can be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. If you didn’t know that, then don’t worry we’ll tell you everything about each neckline. There are 8 types of necklines, and each one of them has different types that you can wear. This is the perfect time to make yourself cleat with these tips as you will be needing them for the upcoming year ahead. For today’s topic, we’ll specifically be focusing on wholesale sterling silver necklaces. So, keep on reading ahead to find these amazing tips to style your neckline the right way.


Why is it so important to wear the right type of wholesale sterling silver necklaces with each neckline?

If you want to look good with a great fashion sense, then this is the best way to do it. Having the right mind to know what necklace suits which neckline best makes everything seem in place. This also makes you look 10x more attractive. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to stay outdoors, wholesale jewelry, then this is surely important for you. It will make you feel more confident and will fetch you lots of compliments from your colleagues or friends. Now, that you know why, let’s move ahead 


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  • The round scoop:

The first neckline that we have is a round scoop. These are the most common necklines that almost every t-shirt has. To style this neckline up, you will need to go for necklaces that are long and also have a chunky pendant. sterling silver wholesale earring Chunky pendants create a very good statement piece and are also going to be trending in 2021. You can go for different shapes, like a heart pendant, wholesale silver jewelry, or religious symbols, like the cross-sign. If not these, then you may go for a chunky diamond or gemstone pendant which will look good on a round scoop tank top with a cardigan on top.

  • Turtleneck:


This neckline is one of our most favorite to style with wholesale sterling silver necklaces. Turtlenecks or high-necks are usually worn in winters. Wearing them with a nice leather jacket or a camel coat makes them much attractive. To add in a little extra spice, you can wear necklaces of any size. From short to long, jewlery manufacturer, any length would do. You can also wear statement necklaces with them as they all are visible on them. The best way is to wear medium-to-long length chains with a coin that are up for trends in 2021. You may as well go for long pendants too.

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  • A neckline with collars:


Now this kind of neckline can be challenging to style. The reason is that collars are already causing too much noise. However, many wholesale sterling silver necklaces can help them tone down and look good. The best way to style them is to go for shorter necklaces that reach up to your collarbone. You don’t necessarily need to wear a necklace over the collar with all buttons closed. This would only bother you and fix it again and again. You can keep the first 2-3 buttons open and wear the necklace underneath. You can go for chokers or short statement necklaces for the neckline.


  • V-neck:


Let’s admit it, who doesn’t love wearing V-necks? We sure do! These are also one of the most popular types of necklines. A halter neckline is quite similar to V-necks, so if you also have halter neckline tops, then style them likewise. Since it’s a V-neck, you should go for V-shaped necklaces. Heavily embellished chokers would also do. You can also go for shorter pendants as they also seem perfect with this neckline.


  • The sweetheart:


As sweet as the name sounds, this neckline is super elegant-looking. It gives your neck and collar bone a beautiful look with its shape. Since it’s already so charming, you need not go for heavier wholesale sterling silver necklaces. Instead, you may go for thin and simple chains with tiny pendants. If not a simple one, then you can also wear a carved beads necklace. In short, anything delicate would look best with this beautiful neckline.


  • Square scoop:


Next is a square scoop neckline. These are not very common these days and are history now. But, if you still have dresses, shirts, or tops that have a square scoop neckline, then don’t throw them away. We do surely have an option for you to style them up with pretty sterling silver necklaces. If your dress has a deep square scoop, then you may style them up with square or angular necklaces. They complement this neckline the best and would surely do the job. If it is a short square scoop, then go for short pendants that have more volume.


  • Boat neck:


A boat neck is legit boat-shaped. These are the perfect necklines to get the attention of your collar bone. To add in some more glamor, go for wholesale sterling silver necklaces that are long enough to reach your tummy. You can go for curb chains, roller chains, and also beaded chains. You can also style them up with double or triple sets of chains that are going to be trending in 2021.


  • Off-shoulder/strapless neckline:


The last one on our list of necklines is off-shoulders or strapless. These are quite bold and you wouldn’t do justice if you decide to leave them plain. To style these, try going for heavy volume chokers. silver earring If not, then a simple pendant chain would also do.


Final Verdict:

We have now reached the final verdict of this topic today. We hope that you liked reading all about how to style wholesale sterling silver necklaces according to your neckline. From Round scoops to Strapless shoulders, there is always that one type, which suits each neckline the best. Make sure to give it another read and share it with your besties to let them know about this too.

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