Why wholesaler jewelry prefer sterling silver bracelet rather than gold


Guidance Wholesaler jewelry has been playing a very important part in women’s life for as long as we can remember it is known to be a women’s best friend as it brings out the best qualities of a person and helps them in staying unique. wholesale jewelry, As a result of all this, people are gradually getting more and more interested in jewelry and its demand has greatly increased ever since.

Jewelry is made from several different materials and ornaments like gold, metal, gems, etc. wholesale silver jewelry, but the latest material for jewelry production is sterling silver which is an alloy made from pure silver and secondary metal. Not only the buyers, jewelry manufacturer, but all the jewelers and sellers are interested in this and keep getting fond of it. This has lead to wholesaler jewelry being more interested in sterling silver rather than the traditional jewelry made of gold or metal.


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Benefits wholesaler jewelry of investing in Sterling Silver?

So the question is why sterling silver? Sterling silver is such a unique and interesting alloy because it is stronger than all the other metals that can be used for other jewelry production while being half the price. wholesale bracelet It is easier for jewelers and wholesalers to buy sterling silver items in bulk as it is less expensive but has a huge potential in the market. Sterling silver is highly customizable which is one of the main reasons that it has become so popular among the people as they can buy their dream jewelry which they have imagined and they love without damaging their pocket and wholesaler jewelry are also able to easily mass-produce these sterling silver jewelry items. Pure silver and gold can be really expensive and their prices fluctuate a lot; however, the price of sterling silver usually remains the same even after years and does not get much affected by the economy so that makes it a very good investment and a great value for money.

With time, gold silver and other jewelry items become dull, wholesaler jewelry start to lose their shine and become unattractive to eyes which is bad news for wholesaler jewelry as they have to continuously spend money on polishing and taking care of them and they also receive complains about them from customers; however, sterling silver is a very tough alloy which s why it can retain its shine and shape like the day it was made which allows the retailers to sell it easily even if the jewelry gets old.

Another reason why wholesalers prefer sterling silver rather than gold or pure silver is that everyday new jewelry trends keep getting added to the list and it is very hard to stay up to date with all the ongoing trends; however, with sterling silver, you don’t have to worry about this because the unique qualities and its ability to be easily freshened up with jewels and other ornaments never lets it get old.

The versatility of sterling silver further increases the popularity of this unique alloy as one necklace or bracelet can be worn on multiple occasions. Whenever the jewelers feel that their sterling silver jewelry item is not getting sold, wholesaler jewelry they can easily make a combination of it with gold or silver or just add some ornaments and pearls to it which enhances its beauty and guarantees and quick sell-out of the product.

With sterling silver wholesaler jewelry are never worried about it getting sold as it is continuously increasing popularity and the wholesaler jewelry can be easily freshened up with little to no work and then can also be maintained to keep its freshness. 



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Health Benefit:

Moreover, some people are allergic to nickel or brass and other jewelry items and these people go to jewelers to ask for something that does not give them an allergic reaction, this is where the jewelers bring in sterling silver as this is hypoallergenic which means it is ideal for sensitive skin as it does not react with your skin and doesn’t irritate it so whole sellers can easily sell it to people with sensitive skin who have very limited options and they can enjoy the wide verity of sterling silver items. No other jewelry metals have this quality.

Transportation and Maintenance:

Sterling silver is also a light alloy compared to gold and pure silver which makes it easier for jewelers and mass manufacturers of sterling silver to transport their jewels worldwide as it can be done at cheaper shipping costs to retailers or direct buyers and as a result of all this the total cost of sterling silver is also reduced. Even though this easily affordable and precious alloy is very strong and well built, it is still suspectable to tarnishing every once in a while-which is the reaction of silver with oxygen in the air that turns it into a darker color making it lose its shine.

Whole sellers can take advantage of this because people will bring their sterling silver wholesaler jewelry back to their seller to get them polished and back to its original condition and in this way sellers can make a little more profit on the jewelry that they sold long back.


At the end of the day, being a whole seller, the most important question you can ask yourself is that what the best long term business is for you, which items will bring you the most revenue and profit, where can you minimize your losses, and which items are currently the most popular. If you can narrow all of these things down and can set a proper business plan for yourself then nothing will be able to come in your way to success

 and with sterling silver this step has become easier and it involves minimal risk but is still able to generate a lot of profit. You do not need to invest as much as you would have to do in gold silver or any other jewelry business as it is comparatively cheaper. 

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